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Drinage Urine bag
3000ml.2000ml,1500ml,1000ml 500ml Available.
With T valve outlet and Cross valve outlet 
Thickness 0.011mm ,0.012mm,0.013mm
Tubeing length as per customer's requirement.
Customerized labelled

The length of urine bag,mm 280±5
The width of urine bag,mm 195±5 
Diameter of tube of drain valve,mm10,5±0,5
Consist of “urine bag” and “urine bag connector”.
Must be made from with urine collecting bag with nominal capacity of 2000±200ml, 
Must be leak tight without load,and loaded during impact.
Not have mechanical injuries and impurities that affect their functionalproperties.
Mounts of the urine bag should be durable and withstand load of not less than 3.0kg.
In places of connection of the urine bag and the connector with tube internal diameter 
must be 6,7±0,2 mm.
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