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Insulin Syringe With Unibody Needle

Insulin syringe
-Designed precisely,with the plastic parts injected with hot runner mould tooling,with the ultra-thin needle fixed premanently.
-With the ultra fine and thin,sharp cannula for maximum patient comfort,painless,and specially lubricated needles.
-No dead space inside the syringe body to avoid waste of insulin.
-Granduation scale lines in bold print for easy readybility,Large clear ubnit markings.
-Flat gasket to assist accurancy, -Extra wide finger frips.
-Easy to remove flanged plunger cap.
-Packing: Self-contained packing and individually packed in a blister pouch are acailable,

Instruction for use:
1.Expose Plunger by removing large orange cap.
2.Expose needle by removing small orange cap, being careful to pull it off straight so as not to bend the needle
3.To measure correct dosage, align plunger tip with the dosage mark on the side of the syringe
4.Use only once, Properly dispose of syringe in appropriate sharps container.

For patience who mix two types of insulin,do not change:
1.The order of mixing that the physician has prescribed
2.The model and brand of the syringe or needle without first consulting your physician or pharmacist.
3.Failure to heed this warning may lead to dosage error.

KD insulin syringes and pen needles meet your needs for quality and comfort.
The needles are designed for the ultimate in comfort and come in a variety of
lengths and gauges.


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